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New HL Statistics

Our newly published statistics give up-to-date details on our sponsorship such as ages of children, gender, school year, current schools, guardianship. http://www.himalayanlearning.org/what-we-do/sponsorship-statistics.php We have published these statistics in our continuing push to be transparent in what we do. If you would like us to publish any other details then please let us know and we will see whether it is possible!

New Website Visitors

Growth of website visitors has peaked on Friday of this week with 8,000 page hits by just over 200 people. Our new website has received a lot of excellent feedback which will help it to grow in the future. Our new facilities include greater access to information about sponsored children, including full photo-resolution downloadable images which were previously charged for. We have also integrated
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Sponsorship Increase

The full increase has now been fixed to £20 this year and for this increase we have now added a huge number of extras which we believe is far more than other organisations can provide. As well as including the old items, such as uniform, bag, books, pens, pencils, fees, dental items, footwear, umbrella, etc. We will now also be including a health kit
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First Batch of Letters

Our first batch of letters are going out after being translated. They took 3 months to get here and 1 month to translate them all. The new sponsorship system will eliminate this large time frame because letters will formally become part of the new system and we will provide between 2 and 3 every year to all our donors. Because we will be including
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New Website

Our new website is nearly finished, minus a few tweaks. We wanted to update it to make it more simple to understand and also we had a lot of new technologies to link into it, for example the new Paypal Subscribe and form system, as well as a new donor login section for all our sponsors and donors. Himalayan Learning policy is to continue
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International Himalayan Learning

We have been celebrating new changes in the development of our organisation. Now, not only are our members linked to each other across the UK, we now have 50% of donors living internationally. As the website grows, and we try to introduce new languages to talk to new people, Himalayan Learning now has supporters from Germany, Australia, Canada, America, Ireland, Singapore and more. If
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Two Marathons in Two Weeks

We would like to say a great big thank you to Dave Wilkes who ran 2 marathons in 2 weeks and raised ?450 for Himalayan Learning. Dave told us ‘I ran the Shakespeare Marathon on May 7th and the Whitepeak Marathon on 20th May 13 days later’. He finished in 3hrs 58 min and 4hrs 02 mins respectively. Dave will enable 64 children to
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Criminal Recovery

We sorry we haven’t been able to post up news in the past month since returning from Nepal as we’ve been having problems with criminals who’ve been doing as much damage as possible. In July cyber-criminals started to bombard our website with emails, applications and sponsorships, thus making our job incredibly hard as for every ‘real’ application we received about 10 from internet ‘robots’.
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Am-Dram Raises Cash in Devon

Big thanks from all at Himalayan Learning to the Am-Dramers in Devon who put on a great show raising money for the children of the Himalaya. A great show raising ?228, taking 32 children out of extreme poverty, many in child labour and placing them into school. Looks like lots of fun by the Ottregians, an Amateur Dramatics organisation in Devon.

First employee is Dalit lady

As Himalayan Learning helps more and more children we decided it was time that we employed a coordinator to keep a watchful eye across all our schools, and most importantly, all our children. Rotna, a mother of two, and an untouchable (from Indian culture) is our new employee. We believed it was important not only to ‘talk the talk’, but to ‘walk the walk’
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