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Happy Dashain

A happy and auspicious Dashain to everyone from here in Nepal. We have spent the last few days touring various schools, meeting volunteers and sweating under the intense heat of the sun. Over the next few weeks we shall be visiting many of our sponsored children, making sure that our program are going well and putting together a number of new projects to support and enhance
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Elections Postponed

Whilst the news emanating from Nepal currently is hazy at most, it appears that the elections have been postponed once more. They were due originally to take place in June but were pushed backward to the middle of November as the government did not have the infrastructure in place. Once again the ruling coalition has decided that the time is not right in November
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Off to Nepal

Volunteers will be leaving the UK this weekend to travel to Nepal to work on several projects in the Himalaya as well as attend various festivals, open days, and conferences. We shall keep everyone updated and will return toward the end of November.

It never rains but it pours letters!

Good news all around, we finally got a few inch-thick parcels through the post today containing a lot of letters from children and women. Whilst it has taken ages for them to come (because of the political situation, floods, and so on), they finally arrived sealed in a bag (the envelope had slightly fallen apart), and covered in loads of stamps. We will try
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As if there weren’t enough problems in Nepal now, up to 60,000 people in Nepal, and millions across South Asia have been directly effected by massive floods. In our area many people have lost their (already bad) houses to the floods and the World Food Organisation will be shipping in food and supplies for 3 months minimum. This is the monsoon season and peak
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Project Update

As our newsletters become rarer and rarer, we finally have some good news regarding Nepal. As many of you may know, the King of Nepal took full executive control in 2005, and was forced to relinquish it in April 2006 due to the second people’s movement which saw hundreds of thousands of Nepalis marching on the paths criss-crossing the mountains, hills, and flatlands, calling
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Email Blockage

For everybody who has been sending us emails over the past week we must apologise but we had not received them because of a technical glitch. It appears that we have been bombarded with junk messages (hundreds!) and so our email server shut down. For those who have sponsored, this will have effected you also as our automated system went down the pan! However,
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Tarai Strikes

Continued strikes in the Tarai have severely affected our work and the children. The strikes have been on and off since January throughout the districts in the Tarai, blocking roads, closing businesses and suspending schools. The strikes have been called for by different groups all wanting to have influence on the development of the constitutional assembly, most notably by groups in the Madhes region
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2006 Accounts Released

We have just released our accounts for the financial year 2006-2007 which can be downloaded now.

Happy New Year 2064

Happy Nepali New Year to everyone! Today is Baisakh the first, of the year 2064, the first day of the first month of the Nepali calendar. Nepal does use the Gregorian calendar, but still officially uses the Bikram Calendar in most contexts. It is a solar calendar based on ancient Hindu tradition. The Bikram calendar is 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calendar.
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