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Our team


We rely on volunteers in the UK and on the web to raise funds. None of our volunteers are paid and we don’t spend your donations on fundraising.

Fundraisers in the UK

These are the people that you will speak to if you contact the charity. We volunteer and do our best to raise money in whatever way we can. Our primary fundraisers are Oliver Spencer, who runs our website, and Helena Williams, who does most of our public fundraising events. If you contact us via email, you’ll likely speak to one of us.

Oliver Spencer works as our voluntary coordinator. He’s spent a few years living in Nepal over the past decade and goes back about once a year, usually for about a month, to check on things. His paid day job is for another international charity (a medium sized one) where he is a member of the senior management responsible for campaigns and projects. Helena Williams spends her time raising money in various events in the south west of the UK. Her background is in teaching, retail and the arts.

Staff in Nepal

Our office is currently run by a team of four, Prakash, Mandira, Simpy and Yani. Prakash manages the team and the accounts. Simpy and Yani are our senior team for working with the children and the schools. Mandira is new and in training.

Below are some photos of the staff and our office.




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