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Building Jaladevi School

With the first phase of the Jaladevi school renovation scheme completed (see below), the project now moves on to building two new class rooms.

Unfortunately with the collapse of one of the walls in the school during the cold dry season, the development of Jaladevi school has changed from fixing and mending to rebuilding.

In January 2009 the foundations for two new class rooms were dug. Over the next two months, the local community is providing the man power and Himalayan Learning are providing the materials and knowledge to construct new stone class rooms.

Unlike the old class rooms the new ones will be far stronger and built to modern (Nepali) construction standards. This will cost more than the original plans, but with the additional donations received from our generous supporters, we hope to be able to complete soon.

Water and Toilets – January 2009

The first phase of the Jaladevi school renovation scheme has now been completed. Jaladevi primary (previously called Shanti Srijana School) now has running water, a water storage system for the dry season, and four new toilets for girls, boys and teachers.

The Himalayan Learning team from the United Kingdom made a surprise visit to check the school in January. Initially greeted by the headmistress and school children, most of the local villagers were quick to gather at the school to celebrate the many changes supported by donors from around the world.

Four new concrete and stone toilets are now situated in the school, three for girls and boys, and one for the teachers and parents. They are the first toilets in the village.

There is now a water supply brought by pipe from a collector on the hill. The water pipe goes underground and in the dry season fills a set of tanks that supply water all day. The water system has a quite innovative method of pulling water.

Below is a photo of the new toilets and a short video showing the water system in action.

The second stage of creating a better school has now also begun. We previously decided to directly renovate the current buildings. Unfortunately however the cold weather through the winter have shown how poor the school is – one wall fell down!

Together we decided that it would be best to build new rather than fix, and thanks to the extra funds donated by you, Himalayan Learning offered to provide additional monies for the extra materials needed to completely rebuild. In January the new building began with local villagers digging out the foundations.

Shanti School Renovation – January 2008

Shanti Srijana School is one of most undeveloped schools that Himalayan Learning support and we are working with the local community to improve it.

Shanti Srijana school is one of our worst schools and has no windows, no doors, no desks, no toilets, and no water supply.

Every school year about 200 children start the term but, after one term, only half remain. Whilst the school has 5 class rooms, there are only 2 teachers and only 1 is paid.

We want to turn the school around and have worked with the local community to develop a plan. Using their manpower we will supply materials and management to improve the school, including building toilets, bringing in a water supply and setting up a water tank.

We will also renovate the building and make the classrooms nice to study in so that children stay in school. To do this, we believe that it will require a budget of £1,200. As soon as we raise the funding, we will start making the children’s lives’ better. Below is a 360 degree panorama of the school.

A great big thanks to the following donors for their financial support:

    • P Strobel
    • Mr & Mrs Dunlop, N Clyde, E Fleming, C Managh, C McCullough, E Martin
    • M Faudon
    • S Griffiths
    • T Lizard
    • C Stone
    • W Dunlop
    • S Lewis
    • J Bartram
    • J Shippen
    • D Dunlop
    • J Brake
    • G Tapping
    • I Lister
    • N Goodwin
    • T Williams-Pugh
    • S Kirchhoff
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