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First employee is Dalit lady

As Himalayan Learning helps more and more children we decided it was time that we employed a coordinator to keep a watchful eye across all our schools, and most importantly, all our children.

Rotna, a mother of two, and an untouchable (from Indian culture) is our new employee. We believed it was important not only to ‘talk the talk’, but to ‘walk the walk’ as the saying goes, and so looked for a woman of a low level who would act as an example of what women can do.

We advertised the job for all the women in the area and got plenty of applications, Rotna stood out as she already volunteers for a local organisation that helps the poor get out of debt and bonded labour (slavery).

Her first job will be to start to instigate our new plans that will put local women in the driving seat of who needs our help in their communities!


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