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Severe floods across Nepal

141 people have been killed in Nepal by severe floods in this monsoon period. 38,000 households have been affected. In Himalayan Learning’s area, all schools are still standing. The floods have not killed any of our children or seriously harmed their families so far. We are daily assessing the continuing floods and the flood damage to see if there’s anything we can do.

Children get umbrellas with new uniforms

Himalayan Learning volunteers passing out new uniforms and stationary give children in nine schools a big surprise with new umbrellas. Umbrellas are great in the monsoon (which just started) because most of the children have to walk between 30 minutes and two hours to get to school. Attendance rates in school go down during the monsoon rains as many children do not want to
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Probus donation

Following an illustrated talk about Himalayan Learning given to Seaton Probus Club in June by charity trustee Helena, a cheque for £150 was donated to help with the work of educating children in Nepal. Helena gives these entertaining and inspiring talks to local groups to help fund the work of Himalayan Learning as she believes in the ethos of being “educated out of poverty”
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On Saturday 25 April morning, a massive 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal with its epicentre not far from Himalayan Learning’s schools. The earthquake was the largest for 80 years in a region that is prone to quakes which have created the Himalaya. The attached photo is a screenshot of the hardest hit area. We have circled in red the area that Himalayan Learning primarily works in.
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Surya Kiran school build starts

In December 2013, we picked our second lucky school to get a new building: Surya Kiran. We’re building a beautiful new brick classroom adding to their other five old stone ones, which are also falling apart. When we built a big building for our first school, Jaladevi, we did so hand in hand with the community whereby we brought the materials and locals donated
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Jaladevi school opens

After a year of construction, Jaladevi school finally opened. It’s now being used and the children are enjoying their new found space. The old school building was made from stones and cow dung with darks windowless rooms that were little bigger than the size of a car. Now they have big open and light rooms made from concrete and bricks and able to last for
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New website

Our old website was attacked in 2012 by spammers who decided to flood us with thousands of applications for sponsorship, and then tried to break our databases so that there would be so much confusing information that we would not be able to tell what was real and what was fake. They did not get access to the database and no information was seen or
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Website taken down by 32m spammers

**14 July Update** Our new system is half way done. Shouldn’t be much longer now. Three months ago we received 32 million fake sponsorship accounts via Paypal. It’s taken an awful lot of work to try to get the website back up and running, and to weed out all the fake accounts. Each fake account wanted a child sponsorship, so we had the painstaking
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School Gets New Roof

Jaladevi primary school has now got a roof over its new classrooms (sorry for the poor photo!). Jaladevi school is perched on a mountain top and is far from the nearest road. All development at this height take time as building materials must be carried up small tracks on the backs of village volunteers. That includes the concrete blocks that the building is made
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Gardens for Children

What could be more perfect than an English cottage garden on a sunny afternoon?- two such gardens within walking distance of each other and both serving teas in secluded nooks and crannies! To help raise money for Himalayan Learning during the summer months, Jane and Helena jointly opened their gardens in Rousdon in conjunction with the National Garden’s Scheme. With lots of hard work
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