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Criminal Recovery

We sorry we haven’t been able to post up news in the past month since returning from Nepal as we’ve been having problems with criminals who’ve been doing as much damage as possible.

In July cyber-criminals started to bombard our website with emails, applications and sponsorships, thus making our job incredibly hard as for every ‘real’ application we received about 10 from internet ‘robots’.

Then at the end of July, more cyber-criminals stole our Ebay account and started selling things like Horse boxes for five pounds from our charity!

Both of these have been a nightmare. As you all know, 100% of all our donations go to the children and we just don’t have the resources to fight people trying to stop us! Just to add insult to injury, returning from Nepal, our bags were rifled through and all our data was damaged.

Currently we are trying to rescue all the hundreds of photos on CDs that we had brought back with us. Therefore we apologise for all these problems.

For all of you out there who are waiting for information about your children, we are rushing through as fast as possible under the circumstances, trying to get IT companies to rescue our photos for free, and trying to stop more criminals from making our charity a living hell!

  • Calendar icon 23 August 2006
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