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Laxmi Dhakal

A fortnight ago we had some truly terrible news regarding one of our sponsored children, Laxmi Dhakal. Just over two weeks ago Laxmi was struck with severe stomach pain. After being seen by local health workers, Laxmi’s family tried to take her to the nearest health facility. Laxmi died on the way. We know very little as to why such a young and healthy
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Exam results

This week saw the largest festival in the Himalayan region – Dashain. The festival is the one time of the year when families all go back to their homes. Daughters return to their parental home, sons return from their work to see their families. This year has been especially auspicious for Himalayan Learning – five of our sponsored children have passed their School Leaving
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November Visit

November’s visit by the UK team to Nepal was accompanied by a number of Himalayan Learning donors. In the attached photo you can see retired British fireman John Farmer and one of Himalayan Learning’s children. This visit we were concentrating on trying to build upon last year’s work by surveying the renovation of Shanti School, which was so generously supported in 2007 and 2008 by
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The Iron Gate: SLC Students

The new school year in Nepal sees our first batch of children begin their SLC or “School Leaving Certificate” exams. The SLC exam in Nepal is often known as the Iron Gate because once a child gets past it, they have many new opportunities. However, passing the exam is very hard and only around 50% of children manage it. Starting in July this year,
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Creative Donors

Over the past few months Himalayan Learning has had a number of very interesting donations and donors that we thought we should highlight. When one of our Trustees Helena Williams-Pugh (whose real job is as a florist and photographer) was renovating her new cottage with her husband Toni she decided to share her joy of gardening with those in the Himalaya. Helena opened her garden
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2008 Elections

The people of Nepal have started to vote in constituent elections to decide the future of the country. The first elections in a decade will choose the members of a constituent assembly to write Nepal’s third constitution following the failure of the last one and the political developments that followed. Around a thousand foreign election monitors and nearly 100,000 Nepali civil society volunteers will
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Employees, Offices, & Letters

Meet Bishnu our new employee as of now. She’s in her early twenties and has just finished a Bachelors in Education. She has been brought onboard to help us in the hills in our new schools where we have encountered that many children do not speak Nepali as their mother tongue. Bishnu is from a “tribal” group called the Magars and speaks the languages
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Return from Nepal

Having spent six weeks in Nepal we returned yesterday to a cold and dark UK to find all our phone connections disabled and web facilities knocked out. Whilst we get them fixed we just wanted to let you know that we have many new developments to tell you about, including: new schools, new children, updates for our current children, photos, letters, and lots more!
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Christmas Gifts Here!

Why not buy someone something different this year? We have a range of things from a chicken to a toilet, that you can buy from ?3+ for your friends and family. 100% of the purchase goes to the project, not on administration, and when you buy the gifts, we will email the receiver a weblink so that when they click on it, they see
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Jubilation over Nepal peace pact

Jubilation across Nepal has marked the signing of a landmark peace agreement between the government and the countrys Maoist rebels. There have been spontaneous public celebrations and the local media have welcomed the deal. The accord, signed on Tuesday, formally ended a 10-year insurgency that killed 13,000 people. Under the deal, the rebels will join a transitional government and their weapons will be under
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