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Meet Bishnu our new employee as of now. She’s in her early twenties and has just finished a Bachelors in Education. She has been brought onboard to help us in the hills in our new schools where we have encountered that many children do not speak Nepali as their mother tongue.

Bishnu is from a “tribal” group called the Magars and speaks the languages in the hills. Her employment continues our policy of empowering women and those from disadvantaged ethnic backgrounds.


Our new office in Nepal has now been officially opened and is already attracting a lot of attention locally.

Whilst before we struggled locally with administration, we have now opened an office for our two employees and many volunteers to use in their day-to-day work.


Parents have already found it very useful as they can now come straight to see us if there are any problems.

Children can also visit us at any time with any issues or concerns, or to request more school books and so on. We hope to eventually get a small computer to put our records and photos on.


90% of letters from children to their sponsors have now left in the post. The letters were written in December by the children with help from their teachers.

If you haven’t received one then it is probably because your child is now in “limbo” (see your supporters’ section for more details).

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