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Our objectives

Children are poor because they and their families are denied basic rights. They are denied rights to access healthcare, housing and education. Because of the denial, they are disempowered and vulnerable to abuse, disasters and conflict.

Himalayan Learning believes that with the right support, children can overcome poverty themselves by addressing its root causes and working together to achieve development.

We’re seen that obstacles such as illiteracy and prejudice can be tackled, and defeated.

Our approach

    1. We believe in positive discrimination and we purposefully prioritise orphans, Dalits (untouchables), disabled children (or those with disabled parents), and above all, girls
    2. Where we have a choice, we always buy local, and use grassroots and fairtrade products, services and skills. We are always environmentally-friendly and minimise our “footprint”
    3. We aim to be transparent to those we help. We tell them everything we do, everything we spend, and every choice we make – this is the only way to ensure we maintain support from the community
    4. We believe that all charities like Himalayan Learning should be working to eliminate the need for organisations.


What makes us different?

    • We work at the grassroots level – we employee people that we helped in the past
    • We work with local communities – not for them
    • We use your money like we would want ours used – we don’t have expensive offices and 4×4 cars
    • We’ve been working in the same area for over a decade – so we know what needs to be done, we just need the support to do it.

0% of your donation is spent on administration

Himalayan Learning does not spend a single penny or cent of your donation on our administration.

    • We have no offices outside of Nepal
    • We pay no salaries outside of Nepal
    • We don’t spend your money on advertising or fundraising
    • Not a single penny or cent of your donation will go on our expenses.

We do have an office and staff in Nepal, but we pay for this from the donations of some kind supporters who give us donations just for this.

All-in-all, 100% of whatever you can give will go towards what you want it to go to: the children that need it the most. Sponsor a child today.


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