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Surya Kiran school build starts

In December 2013, we picked our second lucky school to get a new building: Surya Kiran. We’re building a beautiful new brick classroom adding to their other five old stone ones, which are also falling apart. When we built a big building for our first school, Jaladevi, we did so hand in hand with the community whereby we brought the materials and locals donated
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Jaladevi school opens

After a year of construction, Jaladevi school finally opened. It’s now being used and the children are enjoying their new found space. The old school building was made from stones and cow dung with darks windowless rooms that were little bigger than the size of a car. Now they have big open and light rooms made from concrete and bricks and able to last for
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School Gets New Roof

Jaladevi primary school has now got a roof over its new classrooms (sorry for the poor photo!). Jaladevi school is perched on a mountain top and is far from the nearest road. All development at this height take time as building materials must be carried up small tracks on the backs of village volunteers. That includes the concrete blocks that the building is made
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Building a New School

Thanks to all our kind donors, we raised a little bit more money than was required for our original plans for Jaladevi School. Now, instead of just upgrading the building and creating some toilets, we have knocked down the school and started again! Where before there were just five dirty, dark rooms measuring six metres squared, now there will be five well-build, airy and
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