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Website taken down by 32m spammers


**14 July Update** Our new system is half way done. Shouldn’t be much longer now.

Three months ago we received 32 million fake sponsorship accounts via Paypal. It’s taken an awful lot of work to try to get the website back up and running, and to weed out all the fake accounts.

Each fake account wanted a child sponsorship, so we had the painstaking job of working out which ones are real and which ones are fake. We’re now down to 69,000 accounts!

We’re also midway through building a new website to replace this one. Unfortunately this takes time to do so. We hope to be up soon.

Meanwhile with the website groaning under the pressure of 32 million accounts, we’ve continued to work hard to ensure each child is fully supported.

We now have four members of staff in Nepal – two of which are ex-sponsored children! As promised, we have no staff internationally and are run entirely by volunteers to ensure your kind support goes straight to where it is needed.

We’ve also opened our first school. As soon as the new website is up, we will be able to post the videos and the photos of the opening. We travelled over to open the school and had the fun of climbing up to it in the pooring rain!

Meanwhile, our kind supporters are still running garden shows, doing theatrical and music performances, and helping with donations.

We will get back shortly with more updates!


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