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Tarai Strikes

Continued strikes in the Tarai have severely affected our work and the children. The strikes have been on and off since January throughout the districts in the Tarai, blocking roads, closing businesses and suspending schools.

The strikes have been called for by different groups all wanting to have influence on the development of the constitutional assembly, most notably by groups in the Madhes region who claim that they have not been represented fully in all affairs of the state.

Most of these groups come from an ethnically-Indian background, although many tribes have been involved too, such as the Tharu, and they are responding to a long history of subjugation in the state to the hill groups.

The strikes have adversely affected us and our work, those of you receiving or waiting for letters will have noticed the delays, we also have not been able to get a full census of the children this year, as whilst the school year has started, many schools have been closed for long periods.

We are hoping that the delays that have occurred this year due to the political situation will be sorted soon so that we may restart our work in the schools. For those of you waiting for this year’s update that normally happens in July, there will be some delay this year.

We are endeavoring to make things happen as quickly as possible, but until the political situation becomes stable and the schools are reopened we will keep you up-to-date. Meanwhile, our coordinator and volunteers are continuing to do what they can to help the children in their day-to-day problems. Cross your fingers!


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