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Evaluate & Brainstorm

More books, more games, and more clothing were just some of the requests from parents attending this year’s evaluation and brainstorming programme.

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Unlike previous years’ informal meetings, this year Himalayan Learning organised a mass meeting of parents from the local schools (not all our schools) to attend a controlled programme to understand our successes and learn from our failures.

As normal in Nepal we started 30 minutes late and to three-quarter capacity of parents (all wearing their best clothing), but by the end over 250 parents attended a room meant for just 150!

Indeed, parents were still arriving as we were packing up! Directed group work amongst the parents allowed us to discuss things that worked well and things that needed to change in 2008.


Overwhelmingly the parents were very happy that their children could go to school, and some even bought more children from their villages who weren’t yet attending.

At the end of the programme we asked all parents before taking refreshments to sum up their individual experiences and identify where they believe more help is needed.


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