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Terms and conditions

Himalayan Learning is a registered charity in the UK under the number 1103105


  1. We will look after your details and keep them secure
  2. We won’t pass on any of your details to third parties
  3. We won’t store any of your financial details


  1. Please remember that we are all volunteers and as such, communication can sometime be slower that with big charities that have paid staff
  2. Your account is created to help you see your past donations, your sponsorships, and help us keep in touch with you
  3. Your account enables you to add appropriate comments to the website
  4. You can contact us at any time by emailing coordinator@himalayanlearning.org


  1. All information, including inside your account, such as information about sponsored children, is the property of Himalayan Learning, and should not be copied, distributed or put on the web
  2. All images on the website, including of children, are the property of Himalayan Learning and should not be copied, distributed or put on the web
  3. However, we know that some sponsors have blogs or similar online spaces, and we encourage you to spread the word about poverty, Nepal and Himalayan Learning, and in such cases, displaying any image with a width under 200 pixels okay, provided that a weblink is included to www.HimalayanLearning.org

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